Horror Shorts Podcast

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Dare for a scare? Join me on my journey to the unknown and examine the world of the paranormal & unexplained.


Len K.

I am a long time lover of all things horror. As a child, my first encounter with the supernatural left me with a lot of questions about the afterlife.
I was terrified, but also intrigued. Over the years I had a few more experiences. Now, with the rapidly changing world, life is too short not to share my love for horror with the world.
I hope you enjoy the content & support my curiosity for the unknown.

Have a Scary Story to Share?

Send us your paranormal experiences, and I’ll read them on air. Fire up that old typing machine, and send that horror my way! Horror knows no boundaries. If you would like to remain anonymous, I can do that too. Your content is what makes this show scary.
Join me, and feast; my friends!

Support Us

You love horror, we love horror. Let’s keep this good thing going! Support us by visiting our websites below. We have a catalog of health & wellness items we’ve purchased over the years.
In these crazy times, treat yourself to a better you. These items have been personally purchased by us over the years on our health and wellness journey. It was a dark time in our lives, but living in the dark helped us find the light.
Don’t be afraid of change, change should be afraid of you!
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